Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A new trimmer......

So today I met our new hoof trimmer, a lady called Vikki Fear, found via a trusty Google search as no one else around here seems to be barefoot so I couldn't go on recommendations. And she seems very good, she asked lots of questions about them, took lots of photos of their feet, pre and post trim, and I even got a score sheet for each of them!

Here's Tari's:

There's a score out of 10 for frogs, soles, heels, bars etc for each hoof and Tari's average was 7.5 which Vikki says is ridiculously good for a not-yet-two-year old, must be that Mérens blood! According to the scale at the bottom of the sheet, a score of 7 means the horse can do "barefoot racing, amateur horse trails, 1 day events or polo"!!
Gandalf and Sky both got 7.3, so look out Skyfaxa, Ali's always saying she wants to do some eventing!!!
One of Sky's feet was doing something a bit strange and growing unevenly on the outside:
This is the longest they've ever been without a trim due to the move, nearly 3 months. Not sure if that's due to the lameness after her getting kicked last month and waking unevenly for a while? After the trim it looked like this:
Vikki said she hadn't taken off too much and we'd see what it grows like for next time. Maybe she needs it to be that shape because of the way she walks.....
She was a bit of a brat though. New person, got to test them to see if they really mean they want me to stand still and lift my foot......!!
Torrential rain (again) today, managed to lose a welly in the mud getting them in so my foot was soaking and freezing cold all morning and Vikki's nice clean coat got filthy from my muddy wet horses and she was due to go to Hartpury next, oops!
Still, at least we had somewhere dry for them to stand, although there was much fidgeting from the girls who seemed to want to be nearer the enormous bale of haylage at the far end of the barn. Sky managed to wrap her leadrope round Tari's neck now and again in her attempts to get over there and needed untangling, but I couldn't leave them in the yard with the cows as the QH stallion was out in the field next door and even though there are two gates between them it's all a bit too much for him. And Sky is totally shameless.....


Nikola Hadlington said...

Nice to read your blog, I will be meeting Vicki for the first time next week too! She comes highly recommended!

Nikola Hadlington said...

Nice to read your blog! I too will be meeting Vicki for the first time next week! She comes highly recommended!

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