Gandalf the Grey was the first horse I ever bought at the ripe old age of 37. He was eleven, had been used to pull a tourist carriage in a big city for years and was a bit knackered to start with. He had patches of hair growing in on his back due to rubs from an ill fitting harness and he had the biggest saddest eyes I'd ever seen......this is the first time I ever rode him:
So I bought him (whilst my husband was away in India for three months doing some training) and it was the best thing I ever did. He was ONC (unrecorded origins) but had to be half Percheron for sure, it has been suggested that the other half might be Camargue. He and I did thousands of kilometres together, competed at TREC, he taught my daughter to ride, put up with the SNO, gave my friends a confidence boost, looked after total novices and taught other horses how to behave. He has even coped with a bigger than life sized donkey!!

The horse of a lifetime........sadly he left us on December 29th 2018, he will never be forgotten.

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Marie Cousens said...

I love Gandalf. He seems to have been with you forever. Both myself, my husband and the kids have all had rides on him and as ever he is patient and kind. Always a joy to be around.

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