Monday, 21 December 2009

Have had quite an eventful day today. Started off with a phone call from Jane to say the big boys had gone AWOL during the we had to go running round the village in the rain to find them but luckily it didn't take long, thanks to Aliénor's sharp eyes we spotted them munching away behind some of the new houses in the village, with the occupants just watching them not having done anything useful like phoned the Mairie to say there were a couple of loose horses about....
Anyway, because they are not in the usual pasture they share with Buffalo and Ross, which is currently totally inaccessable due to the road outside the gate having been completely dug up to install mains drains, you can't even walk past it let alone lead the horses past, and there are lots of big digger monsters everywhere, so we had put them in the paddock across the road from Jane's but the fences in there are not brilliant. We spent time yesterday putting in new wooden posts at the place they got out from last time, but then they escaped through another bit As Jane only has one stable, I decided to ride Gandalf down to my place, that way she can bring Maverick in at night and not worry about him.
So I had a freezing cold hour and a half hack but it was nice to get the chance to spend some time on my own with my horse, he wasn't too keen to leave his friend but soon settled down and we saw lots of horses and a few donkeys on the way so he wasn't too lonely......I promised him there'd be a nice surprise at the end of his trip and there was:

Skyfaxa seemed pleased to see him!!

He seems huge next to her though....He had a nice roll and got filthy straight away and seemed right at home.

So he'll be here til we get the fences properly sorted out up in the big field. I am looking forward to taking them out and about together, hopefully he can show Sky that the world is not tooo scary a place!

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