Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The girl's got connections......

I was looking for something to read last night and I came across a book I'd forgotten I had, The Appaloosa by Ann Hyland. So I started to read it and I found a section all about the Capitall Stud in Clwyd, where Skyfaxa's sire, Capitall Hadrian, was bred.

Sky's great granddam (and also her great great granddam) was a mare called Chanson Bleu, a tri coloured leopard foaled in 1970, by an American stallion based in Ireland. Two of her best known foals were by the Thoroughbred stallion Paper Cap who was the grandson of the Derby winner Pinza. These are Capitall Cyril, Sky's great grandsire:

and Capitall Martha, Sky's granddam:

Capital Cyril sired Capital Hefin, who won the yearling class at the 1989 National Show:

And he sired Capitall Hadrian.

So she has a show champion and a Derby winner in her ancestry!!

Capitall Cyril also sired Capitall Harold, who was given to the Sultan of Oman by Prince Charles:

So her great uncle had royal connections!

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