Saturday, 22 May 2010

Happy Birthday Skyfaxa!

Today is the girl's first birthday, I helped Ali and Éowyn make her a cake. Well, I helped Ali, Éowyn's contribution mostly involved throwing bits of carrot and apple as far as possible over the kitchen table and trying to eat the honey from the jar....... We put apples and carrots in the blender, then added honey and oats. We made it into a cake shape and finished it off with a carrot candle.

She loved it!
So did Kinna who was actually allowed to have some by the birthday girl......
And even the chooks got to finish up the crumbs. None for the goats though who have eaten my neighbour's rose bushes and raspberry plants so are waddling everywhere at the moment, and certainly none for Gandalf who is so fat he's risking laminitis and is having to be kept in the box during the day whilst Maverick goes out in the big field and is only turned out in the small nearly grassless paddock at night. Monsieur, il n'est pas content!

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