Sunday, 29 May 2011

Mother's Day Hack.....

Took full advantage of the MIL having the SNO for the day and went riding, naturally. With Tess and Caitlin, Jane & Aliénor. We had brilliant fun, and lots of laughs. Stopped off at some friends' for a quick drink, beer for us, water for the horses......We did several runs up our favourite gallop track (took the third go before the NNP got the message that trying to get in front of Gandalf and making him veer to the side was unacceptable behaviour ) and people swapped around a bit so on the way home, Caitlin rode Maverick, Ali rode Chester and Jane rode.......Coquinette!

Loads more pics here
Must do this again soon......

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English Rider said...

That looks like fun.

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