Monday, 13 June 2011

Riding lesson for the girls.....

As it was a Bank Holiday here today, I took the girls up to the carriere (well OK, school marked out in a field) with the pones. And ended up doing a bit of lesson for them.....

We did a warm up at the walk, going over some of our Trec training course which is still there, then did some riding apart and doing things at opposite ends of the school, getting them to keep the same distance apart, not easy as Ches kept slowing down to wait for Fina and she kept speeding up to get to him!! The girls got them sorted in the end though.

Then we had the inevitable question "Can we do a jump?". Well we did it progressively, walked over, trotted over, and Ches was a total star and did the jump from canter a few times! Didn't push Fina to do it as I don't think she's done any jumping yet. Here's an edited  video of the lesson.

Hollie did excellently well, even when Ches did his party piece at the canter......!

Apparently they want to do this more often.......

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