Thursday, 29 September 2011

Interdressage out and about

Just had time to film this month's Interdressage entry today before the closing date tomorrow. We are entering the Happy Hacker class so I thought it would be appropriate to do the class out and about rather than in the school.......not that we've got a school anyway!

It is judged on "turnout- no need to plait (may use ‘high vis’ or traditional showing clothes), condition, manners, ability and performance, continuity of show and on the horse the judge would most like to ride on a long hack or pleasure ride"

Well we won't get much for turnout, they'll probably say he's too fat (good job they don't judge the rider's condition too!), his manners & performance are generally good (apart from reluctance to leave the horrible pony and trying to take off in canter at one point) and he's certainly the horse I'd most like to take out for a long hack.......

Shame I forgot to tighten his girth and the saddle slipped back when we went up the bank! Also shame none of the noisy vehicles going past (including a quad with a rattly trailer) ended up in shot......

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