Saturday, 15 October 2011

Horse Agility

Have been investigating doing some online agility competitions, the International Horse Agility Club runs them on their site here: ... ility.html

Lots of it is what we do for TREC and Label Loisir anyway, and as an added bonus there are no turnout marks!!! Bit disappointed to only finish 6th in the Interdressage Happy Hacker class, largely due to low marks for turnout, especially as I was the only one to actually do some hacking in my video.......

Anyway, had a practise session with Sky today, she surprised me by refusing to go under a curtain to begin with, she couldn't work out how to get her head under it.....

Eventually she decided to go under, but really rushed, she obviously wasn't happy about it. So we did it again, and again and again until she was happy to walk calmly through

The flag posed fewer problems...

...and the ball none at all!

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