Thursday, 11 October 2012

Speed merchants....

My horse really seems to be enjoying this whole endurance speed lark, went for a hack with my friends who wanted to do  a slower ride yesterday and he was jogging about impatiently for a lot of the time, you can see from this pic I tried to take of them he wasn't very still!
So in the end I resorted to letting him bomb off ahead, then canter back to them, several times, so we ended up doing 9kms......they didn't!

We stopped to see the heavy horses, the babies are very cute, and curious...

The poor old dog is having a hard time keeping up with all this fast exercise, she's used to us ambling along gossiping and taking pics of the countryside, not hammering about at 10kms and hour, and she insists on coming with me when I'm cycling for the 5x50 Challenge,  (day 33 and I'm still going strong, no one is more surprised than me!) which isn't too bad at SNO speed, but when I'm on my own I have to wait for her to catch up, then when we get back she collapses in a heap puffing like a steam train!
Doesn't stop her looking at me like I've kicked her if I leave her behind on my longer cycles though ;-)


English Rider said...

I like the blurry photo, it has a watercolor appeal. Good for you with all that exercise. You must be sleeping like a baby. A lot of cyclists have the baby wagon attachment hooked on behind. Oft times its a dog inside:)
We just watched a "360 Geo" French TV5 emission on the royal Haras of Jordan. Very in depth coverage of training for endurance rides in the desert. The Princess Alia (i think) has greatly influenced care of horses in her country. Good documentary.

Helen Barnes said...

Sounds interesting, can't see us getting to desert level endurance though, not a Percheron's natural environment ;-)

Martine said...

Is Gandalf a percheron? I did not realise that if so!
I know what you mean about the dog looking like its been kicked when you leave her behind, they are masters of the guilt trip.
Following in your excellent example, I'm attempting to walk a minimum of 5km/day. When I get my tyres inflated I might start doing some of it on the bike too, although wherever I go from here is uphill (sigh)
Horses are leaving Cork today and Ireland tomorrow :D

Helen Barnes said...

Gandalf is a Percheron cross, I think the other half is a pony, given his lack of height and scruffy mane and tail!
Not brave enough to do uphill on my bike, luckily we've got lots of flat bits down by the river.....
Good news about the horses!
BTW, Martine, have just set up a new forum with some fellow ex pats in France, feel free to check it out :-)

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