Thursday, 11 April 2013

Getting some exercise

So in an effort to keep my fat old carcass going as long as possible I have signed up for the 5x50 Challenge again this year. This time I am raising money for World Horse Welfare. Day 12 today and I'll be getting out on my bike shortly......

At the same time, Gandalf has had his yearly MOT from the osteopath and his sciatica is flaring up again so he has to go out for exercise in hand and not be ridden. All this takes time, so yesterday I decided to see if I could cheat......and it turns out the old boy is fine about it.

But he needs to trot to keep up, which he's not supposed to do too much of, so Ali and I take it in turns to lead him.

So no riding for me for a while, just cycling and walking. The osteo is coming back next week to give the girls a going over so we'll all be on foot for a while!

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