Monday, 12 August 2013

A post actually about my horses......with a teeny tiny rant

The girls were full of beans this morning, Ali rode Sky in the "school" (or front section of the field as it's more accurately known) intending to try a run though of a dressage test (the Club 3 one she might do at next month's comp although it won't be on Sky as it has to be in sitting trot - why, FFE? Why?  ) just doing it all at the walk to practise bending and circles.

But Sky was a bit full of beans and shot off at the slightest touch of her leg so we let her get it out of her system and Tari joined in too and surprised me with some moves, bit of extended trot and even a flying change at one point chasing the dog!

After a while we got her to concentrate a bit more, with Tari still in tow for most of it....!

Must print off some arena letters though, I can't get my head round the 60 x 20 ones at all, why can't they do simple tests here with just the 40 x 20 ones I can remember? All King Edward's Horses Can Make Big Fences, easy. But fitting in those extra S, V, P, and the other one I can't even remember off the top of my head? Impossible! Who came up with such a random system of letters anyway? A quick Google reveals that no one really knows for sure, although according to this blog post we can probably blame the Germans.

I mean, look at this:

Horrible. Oh, the extra letter is R that I couldn't remember, which means I suppose you could remember those as RSVP but that still means you have two sets of acronyms/mnemonics or whatever. And as for the middle letters, well, I can usually remember where x is and that's about all......

Oops, this appears to have turned into another little rant. Hey ho......

Reckon this would be more like it though ;-)

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