Friday, 18 October 2013

SNO and a Shetland

Stayed to watch the SNO's lesson this week as she was feeling hard done by. Usually I drop her off and take Ali to the other stables and stay and watch Ali, since it's a 25km round trip to go from one place to the other. But this week I organised it so Ali had her lesson on another day so we could take some pics of Little Miss Showoff......

She really enjoyed her lesson

...indulged in some unauthorised overtaking.....
...and managed not to fall off at canter (love the concentration on her face!)
I suspect the poor ponies enjoyed it rather less, there was much kicking and pulling going on and some of the kids had even been armed with crops. Had to resist the urge to drag some of the little beasts off the ponies' backs and give them a stern talking to. Which is why I prefer not to watch really. But it's the least worst stables round here (where Ali goes they don't take beginners) and her friends from school go, so she is happy.


Will just have to explain to her that if she kicks one of mine like they kick those ponies, she won't stop til the next county......!

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