Sunday, 8 December 2013

And they're off.......!

Got a phone call this morning saying the transporters were en route and they came to fetch the horses a couple of hours later. Met them over the road in the car park by the salle de fetes since there's a big car park for the lorry, and yes, it was an impressively sized lorry!

G, bless him, went straight in and Tari was trying to follow him before she was asked to, she spent a while standing up on the ramp then reversing off, so I just left her to it til she needed to go for it in earnest and up she went like it was nothing new :-)

Even the spotty oik decided to behave herself and go straight on, maybe she was worried about being left behind :-)

Dead posh in there!

Weird without them here, can't wait to go and join them now....

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