Sunday, 23 March 2014

A gallop round the golf course.....

After some serious hailstorms this morning, the sun came out so we decided to get out for a ride. Good thing about hailstones is they slide right off the horses so they don't stay wet. After our usual grooming session transferring as much white hair as possible from the horses to our clothing and hair, we saddled up and set off.

Decided to go for Stinchcombe Hill today, been up there with the dog many times but never made it up there with the horses until now. After a brief stop along the way so the horses could check out the matches going on at the rugby club which for some reason were very interesting, we tackled the track up the hill.

It's very steep, so I got off the old boy and let him take his time. Well worth the effort for the views at the top though.....

...and there was the perfect mounting block waiting for me up there :-)

There were also some perfect hooley tracks and G decided a gallop was in order....
The bridle path goes round the outside of the golf course up there, apart from one bit which goes across the middle, so you do get a bit close to the golfists at times ;-) All that lovely smooth grass does make you want to gallop right across it though, such a waste! But apparently they get a bit upset if you do stuff like that so we were careful to stick to the marked tracks.

Sky was well on form, Ali did a lot of running about but she had brakes and speed control (most of the time)

Some stunning views up there, and not too windy....
Happy days :-)

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