Friday, 30 May 2014

Horse and Hound

Another half term, another fun show at Tumpy Green. Sky was her usual unpredictable self, she went from this bit of fancy footwork to avoid going into the far corner of the arena which clearly contained a dragon.... blasting round the jumps in the Horse and Hound class (they came second). Chox was a bit bemused by it all but is always up for a bit of running and jumping.

The NO couldn't ride her fave Fjord and parted company with her replacement pony, Jasper, during the mini jumping. After a brief bit of crying, she got back on, went and did the clear round jumping and got a rosette :-)

Much hanging around as usual and for some reason Bon Jovi's greatest hits on in the background (thought we'd left the crappy music at horse shows behind in France ) but excellent bacon butties and lashings of tea to keep us going. Didn't even get rained on......

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