Sunday, 8 March 2015

Kinna goes jumping

Just seen some pics from Mademoiselle's first outing to a proper Showjumping competition at St Seurin sur l'Isle, home of Jappeloup and the sort of place where you're expected to look posh.

Doesn't look like she gave her young rider an easy time judging from these......

....and, er, this!
I'm sure Diane-Claire won't mind me putting these pics on here as they're already on Facebook. But fair play to her for sticking with it and getting Missy to jump round the course (which is more than we're getting Sky to do at the moment)

Seems like she's been for  bit of a haircut too ;-) Looking good though....and full of beans!


Tails FromProvence said...

Lol, obviously I missed the on-the-ground one on FB!
Naughty pony!

Helen Barnes said...

Apparently it wasn't naughtiness, merely overenthusiasm ;-)

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