Sunday, 15 November 2015

Winter woolies

Winter weather is finally starting to arrive here and I am seeing lots of  horses bundled up in rugs and shut in stables. My horses are still out on their windswept hillside and they might look a mess but their coats keep them warm and dry.

Yes, dry.  This may look like a soggy mess......

...but if you part the hair you can see that the water doesn't actually get as far as the skin, you can see it more clearly on Gandalf's lighter coat:

The white bit is dry. The coat clumps together and the water just runs off  the end of the pointy bits. You can see it all beading on their manes too

It doesn't seem to bother them when it's windy either, we've had some pretty wild weather in the last couple of days and I was expecting to find them huddling along the treeline, but they're just out on the side of the hill grazing, as usual..... their full winter plumage ;-)

They're like the opposite of Arctic foxes, only white in the summer!

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