Saturday, 19 September 2009

Delinquent donkey

So while I'm waiting for my girl to arrive, I seem to have acquired a donkey for a while. He belongs to a friend nearby and being a 3 year old "entier", had decided that he was the boss and was pushing her around. She actually decided she needed to rehome him so I brought him here while she found a new home.

He and our pony Flecha had a prolonged willy waving session to decide who was boss:

Flecha won.

Now they are best friends and Ross the donkey is a much happier animal. He's been for waks round the village and has been as good as gold (it took him approximately 5 minutes to realize he couldn't behave like a moody teenager here in Barnes' Boot Camp).

His owner has decided she'd like to keep him after all. He's here now until he gets his (impressively sized) dangly bits removed next week.....

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