Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Another new recruit.....

Went to see a little pony today who belongs to the mayor of our commune. He has four of them (he bought two for his grandchildren and didn't realise the boy still had some essential equipement so over the years two became four....!). He doesn't have time to do anything with them at the moment so I've asked him if I can borrow one to keep Skyfaxa company when she arrives.

So this is Noisette, 9hh, 6 years old:

She'll be coming to us in a couple of weeks and I'll start working with her to turn her into a leading rein pony like I did with Flecha and then Éowyn can ride her.

I was going through some old photos as I remembered going to visit the ponies when Noisette was a baby and this is what I came up with......weren't they cute???

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