Monday, 26 October 2009

Playing with the babies

So I've been in the UK three whole days and have been to see Skyfaxa twice. She's lovely and curious, she comes right up to you and sniffs around, even tries to nibble.......she's in with the herd, there are several foals and they play together all the time. Yesterday it was a windy day and the babies were feeling playful, they kept crowding round and trying to nibble us so we chased them off then they came back, we walked away, they followed, we chased them off etc etc, it was a great game to them, but after a while the stallion came over as if to say, "What's all this about?" and disciplined a few of them that got too close to him and they were stretching their heads down and licking and chewing "we're sorry dad, got carried away", it was so funny, as soon as he wandered off they started playing again just like naughty children!!

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