Sunday, 10 October 2010

The Éowyn test.......

Took the girls out for a bit of in hand grazing yesterday (just as well as it's chucking it down today) and obviously had to take the Small Naughty One with me too. She and her sister ran around shrieking, Sky and Kinna just ignored them.

Grape harvesting machine went by, nothing......

After a while, I picked Éowyn up and leaned her over Sky's back, again, she wasn't bothered.

Neither was Kinna....

Skyfaxa has been having a very bad hair day, she'd managed to get her head between the gatepost and the wall to reach hay from the middle of the round bale as the easily accessible stuff on the outside obviously wasn't as nice, and in doing so has rubbed a huge section of her lovely long mane off.
Nothing for it but a complete haircut, no showing classes for us til it grows back, now her beard is longer than the rest of her hair!!
Luckily it grows pretty quicky, unlike poor Kinna who has the typical Appaloosa sparse mane & tail.

Measured them again, Sky is now 14hh and Kinna 13.2hh, they've each grown 2 inches since they were last measured.

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