Saturday, 2 October 2010

Horse shopping

Just got back from a couple of days in the UK with a friend who was looking for a horse. We had a few to see but the weather was awful, it didn't stop raining all day yesterday.....

My poor friend Tanya had to ride in the wind and rain, but at least it was a good test for the horses, if they can behave in this sort of weather, they will behave well anywhere.

We went to a place up near Stratford upon Avon called Featherbed Stables, where they specialize in safe cob type horses and they had quite a selection! Tanya tried a handsome little black cob first, then a grey, She immediately felt at home on the grey, she rode him in the (sodden) sand school first

then took him out on the very busy road, and he behaved perfectly. So she bought him, Chester is his name, he'll be coming over to France as soon has he's been vetted and transporters have been booked, then he can come out on hacks with us!


trudi said...

nice, I'm partial to greys!

Di said...

He's very nice!!

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