Saturday, 13 November 2010

The sun came out!!

After days of rain it was lovely weather today so we went for a little ride, Chester's first hack out since his arrival. Tanya's friend Lena rode Le Sorcier, and both boys were brilliantly behaved, no spooks or silliness at all. The only problem was that Chester had to do twice as many strides as Soso, we kept getting left behind!

Very impressed with the short hairy boy, he had a good look at loads of stuff but didn't stop and never gave me a moment's cause for concern. We saw bicycles, trucks, a little French bloke out walking his sheep (really) and Chester was not bothered at all.

We met some new friends too.....
And went past the place I'll be buying when we win the Euromillions.....

I love it when we get brilliant blue skies like this, don't suppose it'll last......

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