Thursday, 4 November 2010

We rode Chester......

The farrier came to remove his shoes earlier, and he was fine with that although to start with he kept trying to go and help himself to the hay that was just too tempting

Then after we'd found a saddle to fit him, I got on for a little wander round the campsite, he was quite happy to leave the others who were calling for him, the only problem is he wants to eat all the time, poor starving boy......

Yes, I look significantly under horsed, he's a bit closer to the ground than Gandalf!! Little bit of video here. He doesn't mind dogs, that's for sure!

Then Tanya got on him and we went for a little wander down by the river, he was good as gold!

Even managed a little trot on the way back up the hill, but we didn't want him to do too much as he's got to get used to having no shoes on.

Such a good boy!

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