Friday, 13 January 2012

A chilly hack!

Took Chester out for a last hack before he goes home on Sunday. Tess came with us on Fina. Not very warm today!! We went somewhere different, Chester of course started looking at things funny as soon as we were off familiar routes, white signs, wheelie bins, puddles (that's a new one), sheep......The sheep were very worrying apparently, they all ran off when Choccy bounded up to the fence (which was thankfully one of those electric mesh fences so she couldn't get through and try to "play" with them until the owner turned up with a shotgun), then they turned round and rushed back towards us, Fina spooked at them, Ches just did his strange "looking at them by twisting his head around trying to work out what they are" thing......

We saw a lovely couple of spotties who came bowling over to say hello, unfortunately they got a zap from the fence touching noses with Ches and took off at high speed!

Then we got in a bit of TREC practise going up a new path in the woods which obviously hasn't been maintained, at least not since the latest storm, lots of trees down to go round or under and slippery slopes up.....

Found a nice jumping log too!
Very foggy at the top of the hill which meant that the locals were driving around at high speed and in some cases without any lights on whatsoever so we thought it best to stick to the edge of the vines.

We (and Choccy) made it back down the hill unscathed however and had to trot a bit on the way back to warm our feet up. 14kms in all, here's the map

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Di said...

Looks like a lovely ride despite the antics. Love the jumping pic!

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