Monday, 30 January 2012

Training Day Part Two.....

After lunch, Eric changed from doing groundwork to ridden work. So the horses were tacked up. But before mounting, he did some work on getting them to flex and disengage their quarters. Then he showed the riders how to do it, first from the ground, then from the saddle.
You can see him working with Ali and Seraphina in this video:
And here with Sheila and Gandalf, in just the bitless bridle:
Very interesting stuff, and a lot like the Philippe Karl DVD we saw recently, using the hands higher than traditionally taught and the bending and flexing that I have been trying out with Chester. So lots to practise there!

Using one rein at a time means that they can't lean or pull against the hand and I like the way he doesn't want you to take up a "proper" contact, but just experiment with a feel on the inside rein and wait for the horse to relax then reward him by stopping what you're doing. As with everything to do with horses, timing is the key......

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