Friday, 18 May 2012

Long reining

Decided to try Sky with the long reins today (well OK, two bits of rope, have lent my long lines to Jane) with a bitless bridle, and she was an absolute star. Ali and Fina came along to give her a lead and she was quite happy to follow along, once she'd realised that snacking was not allowed

We did some trotting, she's pretty fast, I need to get fitter!!

We went all round the village, I thought she might be a bit insecure without someone at her head, but she seemed happy to know I was there behind her.....

She was also OK with Fina cantering off ahead, something I always practise, and she would trot on ahead of Fina.

We even went down to the Boulangerie, funnily enough she was less keen to go on ahead of me once I had some still warm baguettes under my arm!!!

Love my spotty girl :-)

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