Monday, 7 May 2012

Sunny Sunday

Another nice hack with the OH yesterday, we needed to get out to cheer ourselves up after hearing some sad news and Aliénor came along too! First time she's been out riding with her dad.....
Gary came too with le Sorcier, although he was a bit subdued, something to do with some football match being lost on Saturday ;-)

Nice bit of sun, went for an amble round the vines above Pessac.
Gandalf continued his quest to lengthen Mike's arms by grabbing for grass as often as possible.....
...but he is getting the hang of stopping him some of the time now!

Love this pic of Gary and Ali


Mike Short said...

Really enjoyed this ride, my second hack this year. Great weather, great company and genteel horses.

Martine said...

I love the last photo too!
I also love (in a different way) the one of Gandalf with a great big wodge of grass hanging from his mouth

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