Sunday, 1 July 2012

Busy horsey weekend

After two weeks of not riding, I finally got out and about a bit this weekend. On Friday evening I took Ali and Hollie out for an amble along the river. First time Gandalf and Chester had been out for a while, at the first canter they both did some little bucks before charging off.......
Then on Saturday we took Fina and Polo up to the club at Bergerac to do some jumping practise. He has been running out and getting eliminated at jumping competitions so we wanted to recreate the whole show experience and see if with Louise's help Hollie could get him back on track.

He usually does this

So Louise got Hollie to really get him going in front of her leg and listening to her. Once he realised she meant business, he got on with the job. Shame about the spook at the end! She got back on and finished the course though.
Seraphina was all over the place, mind most definitely NOT on the job, she had spent the night with Sorcier, and was  in season and being very Ali had to work at it too!
Then we went for a nice hack this morning, Sorcier for the first time in weeks, wearing his new Easyboot Epics, didn't seem to bother him at all. The girls wanted to hooley off all the time, but Soso was supposed to only be walking, and Mike was with us too. We had to keep Fina away from the others as she was in full on flirt mode, which involved flashing her bum at the boys, then squealing and trying to kick them when they showed some interest......all four boys did some willy waving though, they're still interested even though none of them has the required equipment! I rode Ches in the bosal as the strap on his Myler bit has broken, and had no problems with the brakes. He did want to hooley off with the others, but when told not to, he went into power walk mode!

Apart from the hormonal mare it was a lovely hack, not too hot, bit of sun. Map and pics here (can't work out how to embed Everytrail trips......)

and when we got back, Seraphina jumped 80cms! :-)

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