Monday, 30 July 2012

Lovely day

Yesterday was the coolest day of the week, so we decided to go for a day ride. Ali's friend Aurelie came with us on her little TB, Solium. The first canter truned into a flat out gallop as Seraphina decided she didn't want to be overtaken by him!

Subsequent canters were enlivened by her throwing her hind legs at him to ensure he didn't go past her again......

We stopped by a local lake for a spot of lunch, then rode back. Map of the route here. It had warmed up a bit by the time we got back so the girls stripped off and went in the river again. Seraphina went for a swim.......and so did Aurelie when Solium decided to exit the water in a hurry......!

Seraphina sure does like the wet stuff.... :-)

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