Thursday, 13 September 2012

A walk in the woods.....

The 5x50 challenge is going well, have been cycling every day so far, so decided today to take the baby horses out for a walk instead. It rained last night and the woods smelled wonderful, so off we went.

Kinna was a star really, just those big giraffe ears moving around a lot to take in the new environment.

Sky was very silly to begin with (again), snorting and staring at offending rustling leaves and bending twigs. Kinna just carried on, even prepared to go trip trapping over the troll bridge without too much fuss.....

Sky tried to barge over, slipped on the wet wood and did a huge leap to get off at the end. Silly girl.

Anyway, after a while she settled down, and reverted to her usual pastime of trying to snatch as much grass as possible whilst still walking, she's pretty good at it now.

On the way back, we went past the lonely horse who was charging around with excitement at seeing the girls, they just stared for a bit!
It took us a whole hour to do the 5k, which is far too slow for the Marathon Man and occasioned much grumbling. Also, Ali and I kept stopping to admire other horses, passing countryside etc which isn't on, apparently.......
Took a bit of vid of Kinns, I just love her ickle feet!!

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