Saturday, 15 September 2012

The SNO is very determined......

Since I have been cycling a lot more this past week for the 5x50 Challenge than I usually do (like at all), Éowyn has decided she wants to do some too. Only slight problem was that she couldn't ride her little bike without stabilisers......

So a couple of days ago, she pestered her dad to help her.

....and last night, she got it!
So this morning she was up at 6 asking when we could go cycling........I thought it might be prudent to wait until the sun came up, but as soon as it got light, off we went. Not the fastest bike ride in the world, lots of wobbly bits as she's not too hot on steering, but she only ended up in the ditch twice, so not bad for a first effort ;-)

She managed a whole 4 kms too :-)

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