Thursday, 27 December 2012

Christmas holidays......

Fially got a bit of time to catch up with the blogging, all been a bit busy recently....

To start off, my Christmas present from the other half - a trip to Olympia! Have never actually been before and it was great. Some hightlights were (in no particular order)getting driven past Harrods in a Roller,

 meeting Tim Stockdale,

having a pint of London Pride in a proper pub,

the extreme driving competition,

 seeing the GB medallists,

the Barcelona Mounted Police (gorgeous Iberians)

and of course getting to finally see the Hobbit (Richard Armitage, ding dong......)

And here are the video highlights, Nick Skelton jumping (for Ali), Boyd Exell in the extreme driving competition (he won), Jean-Francois Pignon, Shetland Pony Grand National, Royal Barcelona Mounted Police, Team GB medallists and the Christmas Finale.

Didn't get a lot of sleep over the two days we were there, but it was worth it.....!

Back home, the man priority has been getting Kinna out on the road. We did an in hand Interdressage class on the one sunny day of the week and she was very good about having rustling boxes strapped to her back and thought the tinsel looked very tasty......

We went out round the village to do the video (it was a family horse or pony class), gave the locals something to stare at anyway....

On Christmas Day, we made a wreath for the horses, plaited hay, carrots, sprouts and mints, it went down very well, apart from the sprouts, only Gandalf was prepared to eat them!

Then yesterday we tried Fina's saddle on Kinna and it's a reasonably good fit, Kinns is quite wide for a spindly horse! So we went for a little amble round the village and she wasn't too bad, apart from the shenanigans when she wanted to eat grass and wasn't allowed to! Luckily Ali found it all rather amusing......

Off up to Bordeaux later to see the Hobbit again, well I promised Ali I'd take her to see it, shouldn't be too much of a hardship to sit through a second time ;-)

Merry Christmas......

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