Sunday, 17 February 2013

For the first time.....

.....I rode my baby horse yesterday. Wasn't planning to, Ali started out the hack on board, but Sky was being a total brat and it was all about the grass. So we swapped and I got my first ride. My friend Sarah was here and rode Kinna, who was a very good girl.

 We went up the steep grass track somewhat faster than we usually do as the girls seemed to be up for a bit of a race....... G very sensibly took it at a more sedate pace. Then at the top we let them graze and when it was time to move on, Sky really went for it, planting, going backwards, sideways, anything to stay on the grass, even when the others went out of sight. So I had to get off and lead her off. We had a few more grass related arguments along the rest of the ride, but she didn't spook or do anything else silly and didn't seem at all bothered to be carrying me around.

This morning I took her out again with Ali on Gandalf just to consolidate behaviour and we had far less arguing, the worst she did was stop dead a couple of times to see if she could get to the verge. We had a lot going on too, hunters out in force, herds of MAMILs on bicycles, loose dogs, builders with power tools, motorcyclists, a bit of sun and everyone comes out of hibernation!

Funny looking at a pair of spotty ears! She feels too small to me, but so do most horses as I'm used to G. Still not going to ride her regularly til she grows a bit more, but she is very light and responsive, hopefully I can keep her that way.....

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Martine said...

Hooray, an important First for you both!

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