Tuesday, 12 February 2013

What's going on with the weather?

We've been here in south west France for ten years. Every year we have been able to do lots of great outdoors stuff in February becasue this is not the UK and we get good weather......right?

Not this year. This year is has been so wet we have been reduced to hacking on roads only so we don't end up skating on horseback :-/

We usually do a ride to a local lake in February, but it's far too wet to use the tracks in the woods. I had a quick look through my photos from the last ten years and here are some pics of previous February weather

So here we are, Feb 2003, our first full year in France, my two old dogs Paddy and Roisin in the sun:

Feb 2004, before I had my own horse, riding Gimy, my friend Marianne's Trotter, not actually sunny but look at the nice dry ground:
Feb 2005, with Gimy and Marianne's TB, Faco, in a not at all muddy field......
Feb 2006, my first year with Gandalf, he was having a hooley with Gimy, blue skies:
Feb 2007, Ali and her pony Flecha, more sun, nice dry ground:
Feb 2008, we rode the horses to the lake for a picnic, sun:
Feb 2009, back to the lake:
And again in Feb 2010, cold but sunny:
February last year, bit of a blip, we actually had snow, but the sun was still out!
This year? All I have are lots of photos of filthy, soggy ponies hacking out in the rain....

Ah well, it can't go on for ever, can it?


English Rider said...

The year that we moved to the US, California began a 7 year drought. We didn't know it was not always like that. We loved it. It certainly colored our decision to make this a permanent move, rather than just a two year stay, as first intended. When the "normal" seasons returned and we got rained on, we were pissed. We wanted our money back. Then they invented "El Nino" and we all grew flippers and fins. I wish we could control the weather. There oughtta be an App for that!

Helen Barnes said...

Yes, an app would be great!

Martine said...

They tell us the weather here has changed a lot in the last ten years - wetter in general, although everyone was going on about water shortages this time last winter (maybe cos it was all frozen)

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