Friday, 22 May 2015

More practise.....

Another little session this week doing the stuff from the Western clinic. Sky really wasn't wanting to be with Ali at first and wanted to be back with the herd (presumably so she could get back to flirting with the boys). So when Ali got on bareback with just the lead rope, she was having real difficulty getting her attention!

If she'd been in her usual tack, and with schooling whip, Ali could have forced her to pay attention and move away from the gate. Not so easy with just a headcollar, it really showed her how much she relies on her tack! So she got off and went back to groundwork. Sky was just doing her own thing, so Ali needed to get her attention, which she did (sorry about the blurry pic, only had my phone with me)
After that, when it was clear that Ali wasn't going to give up and go away, she decided to cooperate for a while......

I showed her some of the leading from behind technique we'd done with Adam Shereston, that seemed to go quite well, Sky was willing to be "led" away from the herd....
And after we'd finished and took her lead rope off, she didn't immediately get her head down to the grass or wander back to the gate as I thought she would, but stayed with us for few minutes, just standing (and thinking?)
So she got lots of scratches :-)

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