Sunday, 17 May 2015

Putting things into practise.....

Had a little session today trying some of the stuff from the Honest Horsemanship clinic last week. Sky was trying to go off ahead of Ali when we fetched them from the field and was generally not taking much notice of her or me, so I started by showing Ali the disengaging the quarters, then I did the kicking backwards when she got too close. I didn't need to touch her at all, but it certainly got her attention, this is the pic Ali took just after!
Left Ali to do some stuff with her, and I moved on to G. Who decided he didn't want to do anything except eat and actually raised his back legs at me! So I swung his quarters around and got him moving how I wanted him to. Was very surprised to be honest, but maybe shouldn't be, my fault for neglecting his groundwork.....

Next we moved on to the mounted stuff, planking and all ;-)
 (obviously I had to cheat and go up to the yard to use the mounting block )

Mr G was good as gold after his "telling off". Then we went for a hack (with saddles)

Going to play with this stuff some more :-)

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