Thursday, 2 July 2015

Gauchoux Open day 2

Saturday morning saw us up and about early. We seemed to have been camping in the lumpiest field ever. Note to self: airbeds are NOT optional when camping......but sanity was restored with a trip to Luc and Isa's tent who had the camping stove to make us tea :-)

First thing was a reconnaissance of Sunday's hunt track, after her overenthusiasm the day before, we decided to get Ali to take Kinna round the track to make sure there wouldn't be any surprises on the day....
She was absolutely fine and sprang along with the funny-coloured ears flicking round at all the strange looking targets, but she didn't spook at any of them :-)

Thankfully the day dawned cloudy, so the temperature was lower, just as well since the Korean track was in a different field with no shade trees to get in the way of the photos though :-)

After lunch the left-handed group were on last again, but I didn't need to catch Kinna this time!
The organisers had asked all the competitors to bring a blunt arrow along with them, and on Saturday evening we found out why, there was an extra competition just for fun. The target this time was a plate!
It was a knockout competiton and only a few people managed to break a plate to get through to the second round. Ali had a go but just missed it.....
...but Johan hit the plate, didn't break it as he wasn't using a blunt, but made a neat hole in it so they gave it to him to keep as a souvenir :-)
The evening light made for some nice photos.....
 ...and it was nice to see one of the competitors competing bridleless!
So once a winner was decided by the second round being timed, we then all went off for more apéros and a pleasant evening drinking beer and cognac and talking about horses. Ali stayed up even later than me talking to the German team and a very drunk Pole....

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