Friday, 10 July 2015

We've moved again :-)

Last Friday saw myself and my mate Alick hitting the road with the horses to take them to a new home. Remember the French couple I met t the Western clinic a couple of months ago? Well they keep their two horses at a yard literally down the road from us which I never knew existed. I called the owner and she had just lost 4 horses so actually had space for us. Not only that, but in a huge field on the side of a hill that hasn't been fertilised for cattle for years and, the best bit, they don't have to come in at night. Ever. Not even in the winter.

So I made plans and we moved them at the earliest opportunity. 'Twas a nice 6 or 7 mile hack over there, through the woods I used to ride in as a kid......
Rather nice view on the track overlooking Wotton too....

...and when we arrived, some of the other liveries were around and they were very welcoming, including the French couple, Cécile and Julien. Nice to have someone to practise my French with :-)

Took the horses up to their new field and they seemed to settle in very quickly. They are sharing with a TB, a 20 year old cob, and a cheeky chestnut fluffy-footed cob called Blaze who took an immediate liking to Gandalf and herded him away from the girls!
He doesn't seem to mind, and the bromance is still going strong. Blaze reminds me of Chester, the same curiosity and occasional attempts to take over, but responds well to being told "no". Also has an impressive moustache!
Gorgeous views from the top of the field, not that the horses care, but we love spending time up there
And everyone else there has been very friendly and seem very relaxed and laid back. I have even been given the go ahead to do some horseback archery :-)

Happy days.......

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Sounds like it was made for you!

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