Sunday, 1 November 2009

Friday was not much fun for my poor little horsie. She was happily running about in the field with the herd one minute, then some blokes came and tied something round her face and got her out of the field across the road and into a barn.

Went to see her once she was installed, she's in a reasonably large area with a little paint horse for company and other horses coming and going all the time. She'll be kept there until the transporters come to get her next Friday so will at least have got used to being in a smaller space and having a halter on......I just hope the way they got her in wasn't too traumatic!!


BeefKing said...

Compared to what she suffer immediately prior to being born, I don't think it should be too constricting.

Frenchfarmgites said...

Poor little girl. It won't be long until she is here with you and you can give her lots of love and attention. I am sure she will be just fine. It's not long now.... how exciting!

Rochelle said...

My goodness...she's on her way already, this very instant!!! I know how nervous you may be, in spite of the good transporter! I was a basket case when all 3 of mine travelled. Hopefully, all will go smoothly & she'll be home with you very soon! She's the little girl going out into the big, wide world! When do you expect her arrival?

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