Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Kinna's turn for the vet

The vet came today to have a look at my new girl. She microchipped her (she didn't like that much!) and vaccinated and wormed her, then we had to do the "signalement" for the Haras Nationaux (French National Stud) where her markings are recorded. The vet put her base coat colour down as grey, which it isn't because her skin is pink, her white bits are caused by the Appaloosa Leopard complex gene acting on her BAY base coat colour, but when I explained that it fell on deaf ears.........ah well, never mind. So that's another 40€ screwed out of me by the Haras, because it's apparently a legal requirement that all horses are registered with them - sounds like a great way to make a load of cash to me!
I weighed her for the wormer, she's only 194 kilos! And she's about 12.2 high.........
As ever she was good as gold, after that Ali & her friend Holly groomed both the girls and let then graze on the lawn for a bit. I think Mademoiselle Skyfaxa is a bit jealous of the new arrival!!

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Di said...

Hehe, I bet the vet was cursing with Kinna's complicated markings. :-)

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