Saturday, 20 February 2010

the new filly......

I have time to write a bit more about the new girl today......

The bloke I bought her from showed me 4 Appaloosa mares in a field and said one of them was her dam but he didn't know which one. Today I have had an email from his daughter, who wants me to keep in touch.I sent her the pics I have taken of the mares and she said it's definitely one of these two but she wasn't sure which, she's going to check with their owner who's currently away in Paris.

Apparently the sire is a leopard stallion, she's going to try and get me a photo of him. So I don't know why she looks like a paint!! Apparently one of the other mares had a foal that was totally black last year but still had all the Appy characteristics. My filly has them too, mottled skin, white sclera, striped hooves.

I don't understand Appy genetics, it's all a bit of a lottery!!!

Aliénor has fallen in love with her, she took her out into the garden today and brushed her:

We have trawled through more Icelandic names and have come up with this:
Kinnskjóna, which means 'pinto mare with a white patch on her cheek' - how much more accurate could it be?!!! She looks more like a pinto than an Appy and does indeed have a white patch on her cheek:

I love Icelandic names, they are so descriptive.......we'll be calling her Kinna for short though!"

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