Sunday, 21 February 2010


This morning we were going out to take the mother in law out for a spin in the wheelchair (she got knocked down by a dog a few weeks ago and broke her foot) so I thought I'd bring Kinna out to see how she reacted, thinking she'd get all panicky being out on her own like Sky does. Not a bit of it!! She followed me like she's being doing it for ever, didn't mind the wheelchair, cyclists, cars, motorbikes or tractors!! Little bit wary of puddles, like Gandalf she's not too sure about the reflections in them, but most of the time she was just curious about stuff. The only time she got scared was when we went past the garden with a barking Alsatian (the same one that got out and knocked the MIL over as it happens), she wasn't scared of the dog, but when its owner came over with a big stick to hit it (as they do here..... ) she jumped away from the stick so that tells me something about her past......

After lunch we turned her out with Skyfaxa in my neighbour's paddock, they trotted about a bit but soon settled down to the serious business of stuffing their faces!

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Di said...

They're going to be best pals. :-)

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