Friday, 16 April 2010

Adam's weekend, day 1

Well, Adam is here and he did a demo for us this evening with my friends' horses. The first one was Gimy, a big Trotter, who can sometimes be disrespectful on the ground. The photos clearly show how Adam begins by mirroring the horse's movements, as another horse would do,  to "support" them and begin to gain their trust. Gimy came from a trekking centre and is very "switched off", he was ridden by loads of different people many of whom couldn't ride very well, so he quickly lost interest in people. It's very important to work with him during his short attention span, and try to show him that we will listen to him after all.
Then he worked with Jinelle, Gimy's field mate. She is never left on her own because she totally panicks when her friend goes out of view. At the start of the session she was very anxious, galloping around and calling for Gimy. There is no point trying to work with a horse in such an anxious state, so Adam somply "got with her", copied her until she started to realise he could be her support as well as another horse can.
Towards the end of the session, she was much calmer and at that point he was able to start teaching her some things:

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Di said...

I enjoyed Adam's demo at Coutures, he seems like a nice guy and has a lovely way with horses. :-)

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