Sunday, 18 April 2010

Adam's weekend, day 3

This morning started off with Marianne doing some work on leading a horse safely. After that, Adam did a bit with the babies, just getting them used to seeing us from all angles, not asking them to do anything in particular but just putting himself in position around them as they moved about. Then we did more direction from the ground with Gandalf and Maverick, getting them to back up, being aware of where they need to put their feet when they make certain moves, even doing a little obstacle course!

Then after lunch was connecting the groundwork to the ridden stuff. First of all we had a "passenger lesson", we sat on the horses and just felt how they moved around, identified when a particular leg left the ground. Adam moved them from the ground, it was very strange not knowing where your horse was going to go or when it was going to go up a gear! After that, we got reins on the headcollars and got into directing them just by taking the rein off the neck to turn, timing it so we ask for the turn as the feet are in the right place to be able to do it.

Adam asked me to direct Gandalf away from the gate (and Mav on the other side of it) and instead take him down to the opposite end of the field. This proved to be extremely difficult because he wanted to stay with Mav. I couldn't pull him around to direct him, I had to get him going then try to direct him by taking the rein off his neck, if he tried to circle back I had to keep him in the circle til he was facing away again, but he kept coming back to the gate and stopping, it took me about 20 minutes to finally get him to the end of the field. If I'd had his bridle on I could have simply pulled the reins and insisted. Makes you think........

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Di said...

Certainly does make you think! Sounds like you've had a really interesting and productive time with Adam. :-)

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