Monday, 5 April 2010


We sometimes do Interdressage competitions, where you do your dressage test at home, get someone to video it then upload it and the judges mark your test from the video. I't great for those of us who can't get our horses to an actual show.......

Anyway, this month there was an in hand competition which I had given up hope on being able to do with Sky because it hasn't stopped raining long enough. Still, the sun came out this morning and so I brushed the worst of the mud off her (don't think we'll get too many marks for turnout), and hampered by my two offspring, went out to do the test. First we had to overcome her fear of the horse eating sign next to the car park......

She actually did really well, in spite of Ali yelling at Éowyn, and Éowyn insisting on being in the video with us.......right at the end she saw a dog and got a bit distracted, but apart from that it was fine.

Here's the video: Interdressage March 2010 Class 8


Di said...

Love your new look blog.
Sky looks so well behaved and you've got some budding film directors there!!

Helen said...

Thanks, Di, the new template designer is great, isn't it?

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