Wednesday, 23 June 2010

More Interdressage

Today it was Ali's turn to do her thing. She decided to enter a showing class, so it will be judged on turnout of both rider and horse. That meant a lot of preparation! I showed her how to plait his mane, which is a fiddly and time consuming job, and I don't think it looks as cool as the running plait we did for Sky the other week, but the people judging these things are obviously old school British judges, so proper plaits it is!
Good job Gandalf is a very patient boy......
Then we did his tail.
 Ali got her posh stuff on, white jodhpurs, how impractical is that? I wonder who thought that'd be a good idea for showing........probably a man.
Anyway, here's the video. Had to have a musical soundtrack because the original soundtrack featured a lot of Éowyn screaming after being told she couldn't be in the video, have the camera, ride the horsie or play in the road........

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