Monday, 5 July 2010

Another great little Fjord.....

 Went to see another pony today, for a different friend, maybe I should start hiring Alienor out as a test rider......this one was a youngster, called Seraphina, just 4 years old. She's from the same breeder as one of the Fjords at Flecha's new home, they have the same sire. She was amazingly calm for a baby, seemed to take everything in her stride, even Éowyn didn't bother her (which is more than can be said for some of the ponies at the poney club where Ali rides!!)

She stood quietly whilst she was tacked up, no pawing the ground, no signs of agitation. Obviously she wasn't bothered by dogs either!!

First one of the girls that worked at the place rode her, then Ali got into the saddle. She walked calmly up the road, steered with just a headcollar (the breeder is firmly into treeless, bitless, shoeless horses!!) and started and stopped when asked.

When a car came along she went around it no problem.....
And was happy to pass a motorcycle too! The rider was very nice and stopped for her, but she showed no hesitation!.
In a field to one side of the road there was a noisy tractor with some of the strange dangly bits on it for crop spraying, this didn't bother her either. A certain white hairy cob of my acquaintance woudn't have been able to cope with all of that lot!!! Seraphina just seems to trust you to take care of her, which is lovely! After such a positive report, my friend Rochelle is going to buy her so we are looking forward to visiting her in her new home soon!

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Di said...

She sounds perfect, I'm sure she'll be a star for Rochelle!

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