Monday, 12 July 2010


 Well, the great little Fjord has arrived at my friend Rochelle's place and we went to see her today. She has dealt brilliantly with the transport down here and being in a new place all on her own. When we arrived, Rochelle was leading her about the place, she seemed relaxed but interested.

Aftr a very nice lunch we brought her in and gave her a bit of a haircut, here's before:
and after! The Fjord mane is always two colours, black in the middle and blond either side, it looks so much better when it's trimmed.

The traditional cut involves having the blond bit shorter than the black bit like this:

Might take a while for me to get proficient enough to do that though, or maybe even zigzags like this!:

Then we tacked her up, she's not used to a bit so wasn't too sure about it, she's only been ridden in a headcollar before. But she went for a little walk no problem, we went to see the sand school (with Chocolate and Rochelle's dog Willie keeping an eye on us).....

....then we went into the round pen. This would've been a better pic if Jane (who took it) had got closer to the rails!! But you get the idea......
She was a little bothered by the bit and obviously didn't understand what it was for, but that's just a matter of education. Apart from that, she was a little star, the only other thing that bothered her was the fly repellant spray, but like Sky & Kinna, she'll get used to it. Looking forward to following her progress!

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